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What's New at Wagdogs!

Check this page regularly for updates and information on new features, information updates, and other news about Wagdogs.


Most Recent Updates

Family Members Functionality Now Available

After you log in, click on the Profile link on the top menu. On the Account Information tab, you'll see a place for an alternate e-mail address to which your e-mails can be sent, in addition to your primary e-mail address. You can use any e-mail address other than your Wagdogs User ID.

Click on the Family Members tab to access the new member linking functionality. Enter a valid Wagdogs User ID for a member that you'd like to link to your account, then click the Save button at the bottom of the screen. You can optionally click the "Recieve e-mails?" check box if that person should also receive e-mails intended for you. For example, you may want to link your husband's or wife's membership account to yours, and also have them receive e-mails from your child(ren)'s teams and organization. But you may want to just link Grandmom and Grandpop to the account so they can view the team pages and check on schedules so they can come to the next game.

Under the text entry field you'll see two sections. The first section is a list of members that you have linked to your account. The second section is a list of people who have linked you to their account. You can manage your list of linked accounts, but if you want to be removed as a link from someone else's account, you can use the e-mail address to send them a request to remove the link.

New Editing Tool and Cut-and-Paste using the Team Posting and Communicate Functions

Coaches and Administrators have access to a feature that lets them create blog posts and/or emails that can be sent to team or organization members. The new editing tool enables them to cut-and-paste content from other applications, retaining all formatting from the source application while stripping out unnecessary, hidden characters that cause problems for online editors.

When copying content from another application (like Word), use the "Paste from Word" function. It is the fifth icon from the left on the second row of shortcut buttons. A popup box will appear where you can paste the copied content. Use this to paste content from any non-text application from which you copied content. Hover your pointer over any of the icons to see what additional functionality is available in the new editing tool

When completing the Title field, titles ending with a numeric will sometimes cause problems. One workaround is to enclose numbers at the end of the title in parentheses (), e.g., "Practice Tonight (2/11/09)". Also, the Title field has a 50 character limit, including spaces.

New Communicate Functionality

The Communicate section (available to administrators) has been enhanced to allow administrators to direct emails to specific groups of members or to all members. It has also been enhanced with a new editing tool (see above) and with the ability to attach an unlimited number of documents to an email.

Earlier Updates

Coaches can now print rosters.

Coaches can now get a copy of their rosters by navigating to the team page, clicking on the Roster link, and clicking on the Print Team Roster button. Only coaches, assistant coaches, and administrators have access to this feature.

Updates and Enhancements

We've added two new administrator functions:

  • The Payments function shows administrators which registration fees have been paid in which check, by date. Administrators can also download a payment file in CSV format for use in Excel. This is an easier way for you to match payments against checks, rather than the current process of exporting registrations and sorting by payment date.

Look for more enhancements and new functions in the near future!

Updates and Enhancements
  • The Export Registrations function has been changed to add the gender, and to report the grades numerically (1, 2, 3, etc.) rather than alphanumerically (First, Second, Third, etc.)
  • The Export Team function now creates the PDF in landscape format, and enlarges the font size.

Reimbursements - Adjustment to Reporting Process

The reimbursement checks that are sent at the beginning and middle of every month will no longer contain the paper reconciliation. We've added that information to both the registrations list screen and to the registrations export. You can export the registrations, then sort the Payment Sent column by date to see which payments have been sent in which check. The registration amount is also included in the export.