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Welcome to Wagdogs!

First Time Here?

If you are new to Wagdogs, this is the place to learn more about the many ways you can benefit from the site, joining thousands of people who have already discovered how valuable Wagdogs is. Wagdogs is a youth sports site for everyone involved in youth sports, combining powerful, easy-to-use, free league management and administration software and the reach of the Internet to make youth sports a safe, fun, and rewarding experience.

We serve the needs of everyone involved in youth sports; administrators, coaches, officials, journalists, parents, fans, and – most importantly – the kids who play sports.

How do I get started?

You can start just about anywhere, and you'll find something that will interest you. We recommend that you browse through the Zones that are geared toward the type of involvement you have in your organization. In each Zone, you'll find tons of tools and information in many areas: Interesting articles on the latest in youth sports; tools to help you manage your player, your team, or your league; Advice on training, fitness, skill development, coaching, officiating, and may other topics; access to special offers from Wagdogs' partners on items ranging from sports equipment to electronics to apparel.

Why Should I Join Wagdogs?

As a Wagdogs member, you'll get access to word-class tools and technology that will help you enjoy your youth sports participation. If you're a league administrator, you'll be able to use the league management and administration tools to do everything from register your athletes online to to schedule a season, and everything in between. Parents and players, how many times have you had to scramble to find out a game time or whether a game was canceled? As a Wagdogs member, you'll have a customized site that brings you the latest information on game schedules, directions, cancellations, contact information, and other vital information. You can even get it delivered right to your cell phone or PDA! Coaches can benefit from a membership by getting access to coaching tools, advice, drills, plays, strategies, and other great information from some of the top coaches in the country. And the best part of a membership is it's free! - and so is everything else that Wagdogs has to offer! No strings, no come-ons, no bait-and switch!

What Should I Do?
  1. Check out Wagdogs' Zones
  2. Browse aroung the Wagdogs site
  3. Register!
  4. Browse around some more
  5. Check out Wagdogs' free tools and information
  6. Tell your league administrators about Wagdogs
  7. Tell your friends about Wagdogs
Earn Your Club Money

If your league uses Wagdogs, you can not only take advantage of the great tools and content, you can earn money for you organization simply by using Wagdogs. Our unique approach lets your organization share in the revenue we generate from advertisers and partners. The more you use the site, the more money you can earn for your club!