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Functionality and Cost

Is there any cost for my organizationto use Wagdogs?

Wagdogs is completely free to any youth sports organization. For online registration payments that Wagdogs processes, a processing fee equal to 5% of the total online payment, plus $1.00, is charged to the registrant. About one-half of the processing fee goes to pay the credit card processor. Wagdogs also offers an offline payment option. There is currently no cost to a registrant for offline payments.

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Who process the credit card transactions online?

PayPal is the credit card processing company used by Wagdogs. Wagdogs is a Verifed PayPal user, indicating that Wagdogs has passed PayPal security requirements.

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What if all payments are made offline?

Currently, there is no cost for a payment that is completed offline (i.e., not through Wagdogs). It is important that youth sports organizations have all of their members complete online registration to take full advantage of Wagdogs league management and administration tools. Offering an offline payment option encourages all members to complete a registration through Wagdogs, and helps you to better manage your membership.

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Can we disable the online payment option for our organization?

No. We kindly ask each organization to take at least a neutral position on online payments (do not promote or require offline payments) and let the parents decide whether or not to take advantage of the convenience of online payments.

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How do I become an Administrator for my organization?

First, make sure you're a Wagdogs member. If you aren't, click on the Become a Member link and complete the form. It only takes a minute or two. Then contact Wagdogs with your User ID (remember, keep your password secret), the name and location of your organization, and the name of your parent league (region, district, etc.) to have your membership account set up with administrator privileges.

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How does my organization get reimbursed for online payments?

On or about the 1st and the 15th of every month, Wagdogs processes and mails checks and reconciliations to each organization for all un-reimbursed registrations. We're working on a direct deposit feature, but want to make sure it's secure and low/no cost before we implement it.

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Can I set up more than 1 administrator? Is there a limit?

You can set up as many administrators as you'd like for your organization. There is no limit.

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How secure is Wagdogs site?

Wagdogs uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technolgoy and has obtained an SSL certificate from GoDaddy. The SSL protocol ensures secure transactions between web servers and browsers. The protocol uses a third party, known as a Certificate Authority (CA), to identify transactions between a browser (a user) and a web server (the web site). In short, a user requests a secure page and the web site sends its certificate to the browser. The browser checks the certificate with the CA to make sure that the certificate is valid for the site and that it is not someone trying to intercept the transaction. The browser then uses a key to send an encrypted request to the web site. The web site decrypts the message, then sends back an encrypted response. The browser decrypts the response and displays the information. Only the web server and the browser know the encryption key, and only they can decrypt the transaction.

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How secure is the information I am entering into the site?

Transactions that involve the transfer of sensitive information are passed through our secure server. The transactions to the server and to your computer from these pages are encrypted during the information exchange, ensuring privacy and data security. You know that you are on a secure page by looking at the web site address (you'll see 'https:" in the address) and by the appearance of a lock icon on the adresss bar of your browser. You can click on the lock icon for specific information about Wagdogs' security information.

How safe is my information?

The Wagdogs site is backed up every night, and we keep the backups for about 4 weeks. We also periodically make a backup for historical purposes.

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Why can't you send me my password?

As another level of security, Wagdogs stores your password in encrypted form. The encryption technique is a combination of two highly secure algorithms that use random data to generate an encrypted form of the password. The system only provides a way of encrypting passwords, not decrypting them. There is no way for us (or for that matter, anyone else) to obtain your password.

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Do you store credit card information?

No. Wagdogs collects credit card information each time an online payment process is initiated. The information is then sent to the credit card processor for authorization of the transaction. Wagdogs does not store any credit card information.

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How secure is your data center?

Wagdogs uses Digital Ocean as its hosting provider. Digital Ocean's data center facilities are located around the world. In the US, they are located in New York and San Francisco. They have been recognized as among the top data centers in the world. You can learn more about their security and privacy tools and processes at

Other Questions

What is "league management" and "youth sports administration?"?

League management and youth sports administration are terms that we use to refer to the many organizational, planning, scheduling, registering, assigning, communicating - you get the idea! - that have to happen in order to run a first-class youth sports program. Wagdogs' relieves the headaches associated with all of those activities by providing the tools and utilities that make all of these things much easier and far less time-consuming. We're youth sports volunteers, and we understand what it takes to make your life easier.

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Need help getting Board approval?

Some organizations will require a vote of the governing board so that the entire organization can take advantage of Wagdogs' support. If you need help convincing your board or governing body that Wagdogs is the best solution available, contact us and we'll provide you with the materials and information you need.

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How can you offer your services for free?

Wagdogs has a unique business model among companies that are offering youth sports solutions. We're youth sports administrators, coaches, parents, board members, and volunteers just like you. We know how tough it is to run a youth sports program, both financially and in the amount of time and effort it takes. We leverage our business model to create an environment where everyone benefits. And because you're at the root of our success, we share that success with you!

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Why are Wagdogs services better?

We've taken years of experience in youth sports and combined it with the latest technology tools and techniques to bring you a service that is easy, effective, and intuitive. You won't spend lots of time trying to figure out how to use our services. You'll be up and running in no time, getting benefits that no one else offers. We make the youth sports experience better for everyone by providing each person with the information they need.

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How do I get started?

Simply click on the "Become a Member" link on the left and register your organization, or contact us if you have any questions. Then start using our services to help you manage your youth sports program. It's that simple.

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