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Athlete’s Character Code


Moral Values Actions in Life Actions in Sport
Be Respectful Be respectful of other people
Be respectful of others’ property
Be respectful of the environment
Be respectful of yourself
Be respectful of the game and to its rules and traditions
Be respectful of your opponents
Be respectful of the officials
Be respectful in victory and defeat
Be Responsible Fulfill your obligations
Be dependable
Be in control of yourself
Be persistent
Prepare yourself to do your best
Be punctual for practices and games
Be self-disciplined
Be cooperative with your teammates
Be Caring Be compassionate and have empathy
Be forgiving
Be generous and kind
Avoid being selfish or mean
Help your teammates play better
Support teammates in trouble
Be generous with praise; stingy with criticism
Play for the team, not yourself
Be Honest Be truthful and forthright
Act with integrity
Be trustworthy
Be courageous to do the right thing
Play by the spirit of the rules
Be loyal to the team
Play drug free
Admit to your own mistakes
Be Fair Follow the Golden Rule
Be tolerant of others
Be willing to share
Avoid taking advantage of others
Be fair to all players, including those who are different
Give other players an opportunity
Play to win within the rules
Treat other players as you wish to be treated
Be a Good Citizen Obey the laws and rules
Be educated and stay informed Contribute to the community
Protect others
Be a good role model
Strive for excellence
Give back to the sport
Encourage teammates to be good citizens