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The Coaches Zone

The Coach Zone is like having a full staff of assistant coaches to help you and your team reach your potential. Everything from plays, drills, advice, and tips from some of the leading youth sports voices, plus tools and utilities to help you get organized and stay organized. As a member of the Wagdogs community, you have access to the support you need so you can minimize your time for the administrative work and maximize your time to become a better coach and help your team succeed.

By becoming a Wagdogs member, you join a community of people who share your enthusiasm and ideas for making youth sports a great experience:

  • Use the Wagdogs tools and utilities to keep everyone on your team up-to-date on the latest information
  • Customize your personal home page so that you have everything you need to manage your team in one convenient location
  • Share information, strategies, tips, advice, drills, plays, philosophies, and a whole lot of other great information with other coaches and experts
  • Get coaching tools that help you plan practices, develop game strategies, scout the opposition, and more

Coaches Zone

Action Steps for True Champions

Twenty things you can do to help you and your team become champions.
Action Steps for True Champions

Rewarding Achievement and Positive Behavior

Nothing motivates kids playing sports like a little encouragement from the coach. Here are a few ideas you can use to get your athletes playing at a high level.
Rewarding Achievement

Coaching for Character

Developing the character of your players starts with demonstrating good characther yourself. These guidelines will help you develop great players and great kids.
Developing Character

Girls vs. Boys

You've coached boys' teams for several years, but now you've been asked to coach your daughter's team. What should you expect?
Girls vs. Boys

Conveying Effective Messages

Delivering your messages clearly and in a straightforward manner leads to more effective communication and a more rewarding coaching experience.
Are You Sending Effective Messages?

Goals Worksheet

A worksheet for collecting players' goals and reasons for participating will help you manage your team and your season.
Goals Worksheet

When you become a member of Wagdogs, you get access to great content, features, and services. And you get to interact with other parents and volunteers who share your interests and concerns. And it's done in a safe, fun community where you and your kids can both participate. The best thing about it? Membership is free!